Dance Classes

Classical ballet:
Classical ballet is the basis for technical excellence throughout the dance in general, and for good formation technically speaking, practicing it takes a lot of discipline and perseverance, to get excellent results.

Funky – Hip Hop:
Is a product of the twentieth century and it´s still an American specific phenomenon, but since the decade of the sixties we witnessed a worldwide expansion that sparks a growing interest in many people to experience the need to find in them a new way for body expression.

Started in the twentieth century the word jazz comes from the old French and means vitality.

Flamenco is a very early manifestation of Andulacia and is two decades old. It’s abstract, and requires a great concentration. Improvisation is very important, being in time and rhythm is a must.

Spanish dance:
To practice this dance it’s important to have a classic technical base. The Spanish dance is divided into three different styles: bolera, flamenca, and regional, all of them together is the fourth denominator: danza estilizada.

Is a modern ballroom dance of the United States and Latin America, which is danced with a partner or in groups. It was created by people speaking hispanic Caribbean. It’s a mix of dances with African and European influences. There are many styles: New York style, mambo style, Puerto Rican style, los Angeles style, Cuban style, Cumbia style, salsa or Cali style and Rueda de Casino style.

Contemporary dance:
Is a type of body expression and is based on the technique of classical ballet, which involves less rigidity movement, this dance is one hundred percent expressive and interpretive and goes back as early as the late nineteenth century, looking for an alternative to the strict ballet.

Ballroom dancing:
Is those that dance as a couple and follow the rhythm of the music. The most popular are: bachata, bolero, conga, cumbia, chachacha, chotis, foxtrot, hussle jive, mambo, merengue, pasodoble, polka, quick step, rock and roll, samba, salsa, cuban , slow, tango salon, tango argentine, vals.

This dance is very rhythmic and fun, you always have to be in rhythm, is accompanied by the melody with a rhythmic clatter which is done with the point and heel of the shoe.

Acrobatics helps enhance the limits of the body to those that practice it. It has to be practised with a lot of precision, concentration and a lot of dexterity.

People who practice contortion will obtain great elasticity being able to do certain positions that have great difficulty to achieve. The majority of contortionists are women, because of their anatomy to grant them more flexibility, however there are also men practising this art.

Oriental dance:
Is one of the world’s oldest dances, which combines elements from various countries of the world east and north of Africa. It stands out with its sensuality and beauty in movements.

Pilates is a physical and mental entertainment system created by the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates, he thought about it, basing it on his knowledge of different specialities such as gymnastics, orthopaedics, ballet and yoga.

The ancient discipline yoga, originated in India, is the art of living a relaxed life in harmony with you and with others. Its practice is very valuable because it understands the human being, facilitating their development physics and psychic, the proper exercise , the correct breathing, relaxation, healthy diet ,positive thinking and meditation join together in yoga to reach the highest point in each other in all aspects.